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If you once have experianced the power and energy of southern Italian tarantella music - you are surely haunted by it. Tarantula Rubra are an group of enthusiasts who wants to push 'Neotarantismo' to life and to a wider recognicion...
Pizzica la Tarantula is a compilation of 11 tunes of new Tarantella music. It is fascinationg to listen to the energy and vitality and trance that this band creates. If you listen to this you have to keep dancing through the night until you are alive again. There are 9 different groups on the album, some better known (at least in the scene) some totaly unknown: Lino Cannacacciuolo, Peppe Barra, Phaleg, Cantodiscanto, Arakne Medterranea, Quataumentata, Kunsertu and Canzoniere Grecanico Salention. Tarantula Rubra also formed a new group to present this music, the Tarantula Rubra ensemble - this is featured on 3 tracks of the album.
If you have never heard of this kind of southern Italian music - maybe you should start with this album...


Da Folkworld - febbraio 2004

Tarantula Rubra

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